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  • 1/ How long does it take to get a reply from my enquiry? +

    We usually reply to enquiries within 24 hours. If you don’t receive any reply from us within this time, your e-mail might be lost or the person in charge is traveling but surely will reply to you as quickly as he can. Please send it again or call us if you do not get any response. Our office is open from Monday to Saturday.
  • 2/ What is the lead time delivery from the time of a confirmed order? +

    We will give you an estimation according of the complexity of your order. We possibly have a machine in stock that matches your requirements and the delivery can take less than a week, the time to prepare the export folder and get the fungicide treated wooden packaging, payment... But, if the machines you need is not in stock and your order is also complex, then it can require up to 2 month and half to make a new machine. To avoid such situation, we are always in manufacturing process of many machines and try to keep 1 standard machine of each model ready in stock. But we rarely have the opportunity to have a complete ready machine as order always come in the while. We kindly ask you to plan your order long enough before to avoid a rush situation.
  • 3/ Does the guarantee cover countries other than Thailand? +

    Yes of course. The guarantee terms and details is part of the selling contract attached to our quotation price. During all the manufacturing process, we keep checking the quality. Our design robustness is also a bit oversizing regarding some critical technic points of moving parts. This to guarantee a strong reliability on a heavy duty use for years and make a now worry for the guarantee. Almost the totality of our machines are running every day since 2006 without any breakdowns and with a very low or even no maintenance at all! 
  • 4/ Is the machinery comply with alimentary norms? +

    Yes, it complies with the EU food grade norms. Plastic use are POM C-FG and metal are aluminum marine food grade for a high resistance to corrosion from food or cleaning chemical and 100% real stainless steel. Out of the parts in food contact, the body work is also made from SUS 304 with all external screw to keep a long good appearance of the machine through years. The machines also comply with the Hygiene norms of EU at a high level and Human Safety norms CSA witch are norms rarely be respected by other manufacturer of depositor.
  • 5/ Will it service updates to software versions? +

    The software is already successful but still, we carry the latest major software update during our passage through any opportune visit near your location. All of our old machines are compatible with our most recent update. New electronic compound of today are also compatible since the production of 2006!
  • 6/ What is the design time when ordering special accessories? +

    We design in about 1 to 2 days (out of a new complex concept that might require a bit more of time). Then, the manufacturing process require about a week or two.
  • 7/ What types of accessories are feasible? +

    One of our strong point, is our capacity to innovate and imagine new concept of accessories to solve issues in the confection of special product. We also make adaptation to non-standard size of baking tray. Share with us your project and product SPEC, then we will tell you what is possible to do. We can design under request special concept, special parts as you need.
  • 8/ What are the different types of cookies that can be achieved? +

    All forms of cookies following your imagination but with a feasibility study before full validation of the design.
  • 9/ Where to buy additional sockets? +

    We are able to provide all the necessary piping sockets to your creativity and we also propose adapter of the brand Matfer. Some other brands of socket can also be adapted but it require to be previously check.
  • 10/ What is the response time of service? +

    Breakdowns and problems are very unusual and very rarely happen with our machines. 99% of the very rare incidents are resolved by phone, we promise to respond within 48 hours.
  • 11/ I am not sure my recipe can be piped by your machine, can you make a test? +

    Yes of course! But, let me say one thing first. If your recipe cannot be piped by our machines, I am afraid that you might not find any machines on the worldwide market to pipe it. This is because we already hold the most efficient actual technology of pump system coupled with a power full and advanced software. But, if your product is really special or you need to see yourself, we will be pleased to support you. We welcome you to our laboratory to use our mixer and other accessories to test your recipe in our demo machine. If you are not able to come, you can send us a sample of dough for us to test. In the last possible choice, you can send us your recipe details by e-mail and we will make a VDO record to show you. Where no other brands of depositor can success to pipe consistently certain product, we have brought the solution. If your product cannot be piped consistently with our depositor, we will frankly tell you. 
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